Silver experience ’From Flash to Dash’ 

October 2, 2015 to March 12, 2016: silver dreams come true for young and old

Schoonhoven, September 2015     

In a stroke of magic, the Zilvermuseum is currently being converted to the largest design studio in the Netherlands. From 2 October 2015 through to 12 March 2016, the silver experience ‘From Flash to Dash’ is open to the public. ‘From Flash to Dash’ is a promotion activity that highlights the fascinating design process of the gold and silversmiths. For the period of the exhibition, the design studio will be dedicated to the experience of design and creativity, and it is for everyone to enjoy. Visitors are challenged to imagine, to be courageous; to design their own dream ring or bracelet. An opportunity for all to let the imagination flow freely, as creative design is an organic process.  Professional or amateur, all are welcome in the Drawing Room to put their dreams on paper and give body and form to an idea. As desired, visitors may choose to fold a design from paper or mould it from clay.       

A thing of beauty is a joy forever…

Visitors will draw inspiration from a range of techniques, styles, forms, materials and colours, and from the many design examples of artisans of the past and present.  After a mini-tour of the museum, it’s time to get to work with crayons, pencil, paper or clay. Traditionally, this is how the most beautiful designs have seen the light. An elegant design is a joy forever, and this truth is attested by selected historic designs with the accompanying end products displayed alongside.        

An exhibition packed with activity

The Silver experience ‘From Flash to Dash’ opens 2 October 2015 until 12 March, 2016. Admission is free for ticketholders to the Zilvermuseum. A host of fringe activities is scheduled for various age groups, including ‘As good as gold’, ‘Night of Silver’, a silver symposium, competitions, demonstrations by silversmiths, designing your own 3D jewellery, etc. In addition, a number of workshops will be organized in Schoonhoven in partnership with silver and goldsmiths based in the ‘Silver City’. The full program schedule can be viewed at: